A local farm providing garden vegetables

Join our farm for a healthy and sustainable farm to table experience!

Healthier meals come from farms growing food for you!

Start making amazing home cooked meals by visiting a local farm and garden.

Call 605-777-3289 or email: goodlifecanton@gmail.com

Always have a good answer for “What’s for dinner?”. Feel confident about making home cooked meals the whole family will enjoy!

Your refrigerator is stocked with the vegetables you need. Be excited when you open the door and see the possibilities you have for making a great meal!

Cook a new meal that makes the family say “You should make this again.”!

Feel healthy and be proud of the meals you make!

You need someone who has experience growing the food you eat. Our farm focuses on delivering the best produce for your home cooking experience!

Fresh Picks

Fresh picked is that secret ingredient that makes your meal an exceptional one. We keep your vegetables growing in our gardens until they have reached the highest level of nutrition and achieved maximum flavor! You have a connection to the people growing your food who are thinking about your satisfaction each day until it reaches your table!

Follow the Farm to Table Experience with Our Garden Updates and Memberships


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