Farm to Table

A Workable Adventure to Feed Our Appetite Build your own menu with seasonally fresh food          Learn about how food can be grown locally           Discover how delicious eating healthy can be           Impress your family and friends with your amazing meals Good Life Farm CSA Connect with farmers who want to grow the foodContinue reading “Farm to Table”

Seed Selection for Farm to Table

Flavor and hardiness is what we look for in the varieties we select to grow for our customers. The hardiness relates to the ability to grow in the our local environment. Cabbage that grows in South Dakota is not the same cabbage that grows good in California or Georgia. The varieties that work for farmContinue reading “Seed Selection for Farm to Table”

Sautéed Swiss Chard Toast

Time: Servings: Ingredients Olive Oil Bread slices Cream cheese (I used Greek yogurt) ½ onion – chopped 1 garlic clove – chopped 1 bunch of Swiss chard – chopped (I kept the stems in) Chili pepper flakes (optional—I used Feta cheese as a topping instead) Pepper Directions Heat olive oil and sauté garlic, stems ofContinue reading “Sautéed Swiss Chard Toast”