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Hello!  We are Michael and Jenny Gubbels from Canton, SD.  We started Good Life Farms in 2019 to provide a farm to table experience for families in the Sioux Falls area.  The farm is located west of Canton, SD, along highway 18.   Break away and come see our farm during the summer growing season.

Why You’ll Love Us.

Getting produce from Good Life Farms is like stepping out into your own garden to pick vegetables to cook for dinner–without all of the work on your part!  When you eat Good Life Farms food, you know it was grown with ethical and safe farming practices, it is as fresh as possible, and the people who grew it did it with care and passion for growing healthy, delicious and nutritious food.

After the crops are harvested and the customers have their freezers and cupboards full. Michael will visit families about life insurance and their financial future. In the summer of 2023 Michael became licensed for insurance. He has an office with Farm Bureau Financial Services in Sioux Falls. The address is 7600 S Louise Avenue. He can be reached at 605-740-7860.

Farm Updates and Recipes

  • Farm to Table
    A Workable Adventure to Feed Our Appetite Build your own menu with seasonally fresh food          Learn about how food can be grown locally           Discover how delicious eating healthy can be           Impress your family and friends with yourContinue reading “Farm to Table”
  • Six Picks
    A CSA Membership for Good Life Farms A CSA is standard name for a membership to be a part of farm that produces and distributes it’s garden vegetables to the people who sign up to participate. CSA stands for communityContinue reading “Six Picks”
  • Seed Selection for Farm to Table
    Flavor and hardiness is what we look for in the varieties we select to grow for our customers. The hardiness relates to the ability to grow in the our local environment. Cabbage that grows in South Dakota is not theContinue reading “Seed Selection for Farm to Table”