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Healthy Food

Fresh vegetables right out of the garden is a healthy source of food. Enjoy making great meals with lots of variety and flavor right out of a garden. Your home cooked meals allow you to make healthy choices and know what is in our food.

All Natural and Local Food

Unhealthy food is everywhere and easy to get. We are farmers who produce the food you eat and we are committed to changing that. We work the soil to produce food you can be proud to put on your table. You have a local farmer working with you to serve a healthy meal to your family.

The Vegetables We Grow

Become a garden member to receive 20 different vegetables grown right here on our farm in Canton, SD.

Peas Carrots Onions Lettuce Spinach Beets Potatoes Beans Sweet Corn Zucchini Squash Watermelon Cantaloupe Cucumbers Tomatoes Peppers Cilantro Kale Cabbage Broccoli Cauliflower Brussel Sprouts Kohlrabi

Start making fresh crisp salads. Enjoy healthy snacks you can slice up and eat. Cook delicious dishes with hearty vegetables. We can grow a garden and bring it to you.

Choose a membership that is best for you! More Information on 2023 offers

Eating Local Foods Know Your Food

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