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Flavor and hardiness is what we look for in the varieties we select to grow for our customers. The hardiness relates to the ability to grow in the our local environment. Cabbage that grows in South Dakota is not the same cabbage that grows good in California or Georgia. The varieties that work for farm to table here in South Dakota endure a wide range of weather and provide a unique local flavor. Here are some of the varieties that grow well and taste great!

Green Beans-Tenderette is a variety selected for how it thrives in a garden and tastes great.

Broccoli-Lieutenant will be ready around the Fourth of July and can tolerate a little more heat in the summer.

Cabbage-Tennant is a longer season variety that is great for salads and krauts!

Cantaloupe and Watermelons-Melons are a crop that is most beneficial to a farm to table market. It is important to stay on the vine as long as possible to develop sugars for a sweet flavor. However, the sweetness will turn to sour if they are not ate up within a couple days after picking.

Sweet Corn-Temptation is vigorous variety that is tender and sweet.

Cucumbers-Babylon is a tasty variety that is also very crisp

Kohlrabi-This is always an early summer treat. The Vienna variety is has mild radish flavor that is great to slice up and eat raw or cooked up in a stir fry.

Squash-Table Ace acorn has been a long standing favorite. Sun Spot is a new one we discovered that instantly became very popular.

Tomatoes- The Plum Regal is a Roma variety that has an incredible rich flavor for sauces. Celebrity is great for slicing up to sweeten up your salads.

Lettuce-This is one of the trickiest crops to grow here in South Dakota. Good lettuce needs to grow fast and tolerate a little bit of heat. We have developed a custom blend that grows well and maintains a crispy texture.

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